PRBO is officially Point Blue


Amid a rebranding campaign, PRBO Conservation Science, a Petaluma-based nonprofit with a field station in Bolinas, has formally changed its name to Point Blue Conservation Science. Though the group calls the change a “redoubling of its mission,” the change triggered a minor uproar when plans were announced in April. Some asserted that the organization was engaging in “serial re-branding” that distanced it from its history and accomplishments, others that directors had simply chosen a confusing or ambiguous name. The group, founded in 1965 as the Point Reyes Bird Observatory, has expanded on its original mission to study and teach about migratory birds in Point Reyes National Seashore to focus on broader conservation efforts, climate change research and the exploration of “nature-based solutions that benefit wildlife and people.” In 1991 the group, already pursuing a broader mission, changed its name to PRBO Conservation Science. The “blue” in the new name is meant to signify the color of a healthy planet when seen from afar—in other words, the color of clean water and atmosphere. Point Blue employs 140 scientists and has an annual budget of $10 million. Its new website is