Postmaster retires after productive tenure in Woodacre


Postmaster Bill Gossy retired last month after four years in charge of the Woodacre post office. In his tenure, he renewed the building and smoothed up operations after a bumpy spate of temporary postmasters. He speaks about his work with pride and his patrons with cheer. “When somebody walks into the post office, they enjoy the experience,” he said. “And that was what our goal was, to show the community how much we value them.” Before landing in Woodacre, Mr. Gossy worked many jobs in the postal service: letter carrying, training, business mail entry, marketing and sales. He said that working for a number of quality postmasters inspired him to seek a position, but only in the right place. When he was working at the district office in San Francisco, he ran into Tammy Mayo, then the Woodacre postmaster. She encouraged him to apply, and in March 2017 he took his oath office. He knew he had found his final landing spot. Because Ms. Mayo had been on detail, operations in town had gone by the wayside, Mr. Gossy said. He had the building painted, the trees trimmed and the sidewalk repaired. He installed more parcel lockers and started selling greeting cards. In the workroom, he redid the floor plan to create a flow, with no tripping hazards and a minimum amount of movement required. “I wanted to make the post office boring,” he said. “I wanted the lines to be short, I wanted the mail to be in the boxes, I wanted the parcels to be delivered. So when you came in, you got what you needed and you were on your way.” His work did not go unnoticed: Residents gave him 40 cards and put up a sign in the lobby when he retired. Mr. Gossy joins his wife in retirement; they live in San Rafeal and plan to golf, volunteer and travel when it is possible. The postal service allowed him to name his replacement, and he selected Jason Luehs, a trainer who transferred from the Cotati post office. He will work alongside Garth Follett, another fixture in Woodacre. Because the postal service is consolidating at the highest levels, the position is temporary and will likely remain so for at least a few months.