Point Reyes squatter linked to burglaries


Over 100 marijuana plants and a horde of stolen goods from at least four different burglaries in Marin County were found in a Point Reyes Station home in which a man, who has not yet been apprehended, was allegedly squatting. 

Sebastien Roger Agajan, 30, a Marin man without a stable address, is suspected of illegally occupying 151 Mesa Road for as many as six weeks, since the homeowners were last at the residence.

Police are still sifting through the stolen goods to see whether the suspect might be connected to any other burglaries in the county. 

Clothing, Xboxes, CD’s, DVD’s, sleeping bags, guitars, lots of power tools, skateboards and bicycles, among other goods, were found at the scene. “Just kind of all over the board,” Marin Sheriff’s Lt. Jamie Scardina said. 

Mr. Agajan has been charged with burglary, trespassing, marijuana cultivation and possession of stolen property.

The homeowners returned on Saturday and found a Rottweiler that did not belong to them, which Lt. Scardina said was taken into custody by the Humane Society.

Although sheriffs could not elaborate on the four related burglaries by press time, another Point Reyes Station resident called police on Friday to report that his or her house had been entirely emptied of its contents.