Plant Park Sculptures

David Briggs

Three artists placed sculptures in Inverness’s downtown park last Wednesday as part of a project of Art Contemporary Marin called Parked Art. Stinson Beach artist John Bucklin, above, welded together pieces of his painted steel “Daffodil” while the town was still waking up, hoping to make the vertical sculpture safe for children who might be tempted to test their orangutan skills. Mr. Bucklin observed to this writer how his sculpture’s shade of yellow “perfectly matched the lavender” growing beside it, either referring to the complementary nature of the colors or intending to refer to the nearby California poppies. Plant Park, built by the Inverness Garden Club (a co-sponsor of the installation, which will last through October, along with the Inverness Association) also features a rambling set of rusted steel triangles by HJ Mooij of Olema and a man made of junk sourced from beaches by April Lelia, of Stinson. — Tess Elliott