Plans coming for Vision lot


Alexis Traina, the wife of the so-called “social king of San Francisco,” told the San Francisco Chronicle this month that the couple is hiring Ken Fulk—one of the most sought-after interior designers for Bay Area millionaires and billionaires who is known for orchestrating lavish parties—to create an “old time fishing camp theme” for their Inverness property at the top of Vision Road, where a handful of locals once rented cabins. Moonrise Kingdom, L.L.C., of which Trevor Traina is a member, bought the property for $900,000 in the spring of 2013. Rufus Blunk, whose family owned the six acres since the 1960s, said he had wanted to “try to get partners to help save it in a style that would be in keeping with the community.” But family members sold it. (In his youth, Mr. Blunk helped his grandfather Howard Waite build on the site. “I have such an embedded relationship with that place and that mountainside,” said Mr. Blunk, the son of sculptor J.B. Blunk.) After formal complaints from neighbors about construction at the site in late 2013, staff from the county’s Community Development Agency met with Ms. Traina and subsequently ordered the work to stop—including foundation repair, new siding, new windows and electrical and plumbing and mechanical work on various structures, none of which are permitted, the county said. Last summer, the new owners secured a “Certificate of Compliance” to clarify that the property was a single legal lot. (It is.) A permit application is forthcoming, according to county code enforcement officer Cristy Stanley. “The owners have been working with their consultants to decide how best to improve the property and [are] putting together a Coastal Permit and Design Review application which I am anticipating being submitted in the spring,” she wrote to the Light.