Oyster Depot helps Non Profits


Luc Chamberlain of Saltwater Oyster Depot will be opening up his restaurant this Monday for a special benefit in conjunction with Point Reyes Books, to raise money for the Jack Mason Museum of West Marin History. Inspired by a Los Angeles program known as Closed On Mondays, the eatery will host “Benefit Beer Tasting & Eats” with Ken Weaver, author of The Northern California Craft Beer Guide. The event is set to be the first of many such fundraisers for Saltwater, for which chefs will buy produce from farmer’s markets and prepare meals in exchange for donations that will go towards a needy cause. “My vision is that we will host between 15 to 20 events in the coming year, and raise between $30,000 and $50,000,” Mr. Chamberlain said. “It’s our way of giving back to the community and saying thanks.” Tickets for Monday’s event are $30, and more information can be found at ptreyesbooks.com.