Olema Inn stays local, thanks to Manka’s


Manka’s Inverness Lodge owners Margaret Grade and Daniel DeLong have purchased the historic Olema Inn, which was foreclosed last August and has been closed of late. Ms. Grade and Mr. DeLong said they plan to have the bed and breakfast and restaurant up and running again “as soon as possible.”

While the new owners plan to preserve the distinct personality of the property—which, like Manka’s, “comes with its own history and character,” as Ms. Grade said—they will let its style evolve naturally, as they did with their former Inverness restaurant.
After fire begun by a wind storm in 2006 destroyed Manka’s main lodge and restaurant, the owners have operated more of a bed and breakfast in recent years. The Olema Inn project will be an opportunity to explore new territory.

“We’re fine with opening while it’s still a bit of a work in progress, so long as the guests feel welcome and comfortable,” Ms. Grade said.