Oakland man accused of string


Sonoma and Marin investigators are still trying to tie an Oakland man currently in custody on several burglary charges across Sonoma County to a string of unsolved burglaries reported earlier this month in West Marin. Tyrone Brennen, 27, of Oakland, is being held at Sonoma County Jail with a $500,000 bail for eight felony charges of commercial burglary. His arraignment is scheduled for November 21. Mr. Brennen, who has served two prison terms for several convictions across the Bay Area, was arrested early last week by a Marin deputy on Tomales-Petaluma Road, bringing closure to a series of burglaries across Sonoma County that started in August. “[Mr. Brennen] was definitely a high priority,” Sonoma sheriff’s Lieutenant Dennis O’Leary, whose department canvassed towns across Sonoma with photographs of Mr. Brennen, said. The latter was seen two weeks ago burglarizing Diekmann’s Bay Store in Bodega Bay in surveillance footage that was circulated online. Authorities suspect Mr. Brennen is responsible for burglaries that resulted in thousands of dollars lost by shopkeepers across West Marin, too, Jamie Scardina of the Marin Sheriff’s Office said. Affected stores include Woodacre Country Market and Deli, Don’s Bolinas Liquor store and Diekmann’s General Store in Tomales, all of which were burglarized within a five-day span.