Nude posse traverses Bolinas


Bolinas residents and visitors, including kids at a surf camp, may have been surprised Tuesday afternoon to see a small group of nude young women parade through town on Wharf Road.

Witnesses said there were as many as five naked women, accompanied by a clothed male. One citizen placed a phone call complaining to the Marin County Sheriff’s Office at 3:18 p.m., noting that the al fresco gallivanters may have been European, or else drunk. Deputies were unable to locate them.

Other onlookers were less critical of the display. “Somebody called the Sheriff on those beautiful things?” asked Matt Lundy, who said he “keeps things from getting out of hand” at Smiley’s Schooner Saloon, which the women passed.

“They were just going about their business, walking down the street, and went down to the beach,” Mr. Lundy said. “They were fine as wine.” Their allover tans suggested they were no strangers to the routine, he added.