Novato man arrested in gas crash


The driver who incapacitated the only gas station in Point Reyes by crashing into it and disabling its power has been charged with driving under the influence, but was released from custody last week at the request of his public defender and against a recommendation from the district attorney’s office, according to the deputy district attorney, Barry Borden. The suspect, Evencio Gonzalez-Martinez, has a previous conviction for driving under the influence, from November 2012; his next court date is June 5. The temporary closure of Greenbridge Gas, which is expected to be open by Thursday, has meant that the closest gas stations were between 14 and 20 miles away, in Bolinas, Novato and Petaluma. Some people, however, could not get that far; Cheda’s Garage didn’t tow anyone but sold around 60 gallons of gas, in 2.5-gallon increments for $15, to those who were stranded. Bo-Gas, operated by the nonprofit Bolinas Community Land Trust, ordered extra gas when it learned of the outage. They sold twice as much gas in the past week as usual, according to the station’s manager, Albert Foreman, though he said he had to battle persistent rumors that he had run dry. Both the National Park Service and the Coast Guard filled up there. “It’s good to have two gas stations in West Marin. It’s a moment that we certainly realize we need it,” he said.