Northern oyster leases closed


The California Department of Public Health has instituted a temporary shellfish harvest closure for northern Tomales Bay, effective August 24. The areas have been closed due to a positive Vibrio parahaemolyticus sample from oyster meat collected and lab-tested on August 20. The bacteria is a naturally occurring estuarine bacteria that can be common in coastal areas during warmer months when the increase in sea temperatures and low tides allow the bacteria to grow. The southern regions of the bay will remain open and are being closely monitored and tested for signs of the bacteria. All oyster companies in the bay are working closely with the health department to test all oysters and monitor bay conditions before re-opening the northern leases. Hog Island Oyster Company will remain open for business, limiting shellfish sales to unaffected oysters harvested from their southern leases, and manila clams, which are nt effected by the bacteria. The limited oyster supply is expected to impact Hog Island’s sales.