Nicasio cow-share available


Care to milk your own milk? Two shares in a Jersey cow are up for purchase in Nicasio, where four-year-old Rosy Belle offers her milk to a handful of families who co-own her. “It’s like a tiny cooperative or partnership,” said Eleanor Despina, who bought Rosy from rancher John Taverna in January—along with Nicasio resident Marnie Jackson, who keeps the cow on her property, and eight other families. While pasteurization removes potentially harmful bacteria, it also removes many nutrients that promote immunity and digestive health. Since most dairies cannot monitor their cows as closely as Rosy’s owners monitor her, pasteurization is the safe choice. California law prohibits the sale of raw milk unless it’s from a certified producer—of which there are two in the state—or from privately-owned cows. If you are interested in owning a share of Rosy at a cost of $100 for one year, call Eleanor Despina at (415) 663.1380 or Marnie Jackson at (415) 662.1050. Help with a 7 a.m. shift on Sundays is particularly needed.