New at the museum—knots, weavings, watercolors and cyanotype


New exhibitions by Bay Area artists Windy Chien, Serena Mitnik-Miller, Megann Riepenhoff and coastal Marin’s own Jan Langdon open at the Bolinas Museum on Saturday, June 15 with a free party and live concert featuring the smooth, surfy harmonies of the Bay Area band Sandy’s.

In the main gallery, San Francisco creatives Windy Chien and Mitnik-Miller use different mediums to revel in the power and potential of a simple line. Mitnik-Miller’s geometric watercolors begin with cues from nature, then multiply into interlocking patterns of pigment. Chien uses rope and knots to create her elegant forms, often on a large scale; the exhibition features works inspired by her effort to learn a new knot every day for a year. Meghann Riepenhoff’s photographic cynotypes are created in partnership with the elusive forces of nature: wind, waves, tides, rain and light. Her exhibition includes work made along local shores, including in Bolinas, and at Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty in the Great Salt Lake. A 2018-2019 Guggenheim Fellow, Riepenhoff is based in Bainbridge Island and San Francisco. 

Coastal Marin tapestry-maker Jan Langdon used fiber like a painter, layering geometric forms to create a quiet minimalism or weaving in vibrant and complex patterns of color and texture. She was also a renowned weaving teacher in the Bay Area. Despite her declining health, Langdon worked with enthusiasm on planning this exhibition; she died in April. 

The exhibition opening begins later in the afternoon, with the always-interesting talks by the artists and curators at 4 p.m., followed by a party with the Sandy’s from 5 to 7 p.m. Refreshment will be provided by Lagunitas and HenHouse Brewing Companies.

This party is a gift to the community generously supported by the Stinson-Bolinas Community Fund. Please come and enjoy!


Elia Haworth is the curator of coastal Marin art and history for the Bolinas Museum.