NAS announces oyster reviewers


The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) this week announced a tentative list of 10 experts who will serve on a panel that will analyze the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), as well as a peer review of that statement, for Drake’s Bay Oyster Company. The announcement follows on the heels of criticism by Dr. Corey Goodman of a recently released “re-review” of the peer review, in which Dr. Chris Clark of Cornell University gave a second seal of approval to the DEIS’s noise section – which used data gathered from New Jersey police jet skis rather than data taken from the oyster farm. “This re-review is incomplete, superficial, and disingenuous. It ignores serious misrepresentations and concealment of data, and draws conclusions based upon politics and not science,” Dr. Goodman wrote. Under the current list of NAS panel members, University of Maryland professor Dr. Thomas Malone, who holds degrees in biology, oceanography and zoology, would serve as chair. Other panel members would include a water quality expert, an environmental and resource economics professor, a seagrass ecologist, a researcher on acoustics in marine and terrestrial environments, a marine community ecologist, and Dr. Paul Thompson of the Institute of Biological and Environmental Sciences at the University of Aberdeen. Mr. Thompson wrote a chapter on harbor seals on a 2009 NAS report on Drakes Bay Oyster Company, and has partnered with John Harwood, who was commissioned by the Marine Mammal Commission in its report on Drakes Estero. The public has 20 days to comment on the panel selections. Interested persons may contact the citizen liaison at or (800) 842.8813.