Marin County road repair bonanza


This summer, scores of West Marin’s roads will be repaved and resurfaced as part of a $17 million county plan that aims to elevate Marin’s highways and byways from their current “at-risk” status. Wharf and Horseshoe Hill Roads in Bolinas, Madrone Avenue in Woodacre, Portola Avenue in Inverness Park, Laurel Avenue in Inverness and Mesa Road in Point Reyes Station are among many slated for repair (for a full list visit The Department of Public Works says the project, which has funding from the county as well as state and federal governments, will address 19 percent of Marin’s 420 miles of county-maintained roads, which the Metropolitan Transportation Authority ranks as “at-risk.” The project includes 26 miles of asphalt overlay and 47 miles of seal coat resurfacing and is expected to end in November. Additionally, the second phase of the Sir Francis Drake Boulevard rehabilitation project begins August 1, with workers restoring nearly four miles of the 80-year-old road between Irving and Platform Bridges, as well as repairing 55 decaying storm drainage culverts by slipping new pipes inside old pipes to avoid excavating sensitive habitat areas. The county hopes these repairs will improve water quality for the endangered coho salmon that spawn in the Lagunitas Creek along that portion of road. Also starting that day is the construction of a retaining wall on the Muir Woods Road where a slide occurred in 2011. Both roads will be reduced to a single lane with stop sign control through mid-October. Drivers are forewarned.