Local coin accepted at Palace


Palace Market has joined the growing list of more than 50 West Marin establishments accepting the Coastal Marin Fund’s $3 tokens, which fund local nonprofit organizations. “[The Palace is] a very public spirited organization, so they wanted to try this,” Richard Kirschman, the fund’s sponsor and president, said of the decision. When the philanthropic currency first went into circulation in June, the store was unable to budget time for training its staff to handle the coins. “The first couple of times people ask you for [the token], it slows you down. It requires a little bit of training... and they finally got around to it,” Kirschman said. The $3 coin costs $1 to mint, and the empty coin boxes, which can be provided to a nonprofit of an individual or store’s choice, can be exchanged for the resulting profits. In the less than three months since the fund put the coins into circulation, it has doled out $3,000 to local nonprofits.