Lawson’s worker hit in gate bust


Two men determined to camp at Lawson’s Landing were arrested on Saturday evening, one for assault with a deadly weapon after hitting a campground employee with the side of his truck and both for public intoxication. When told there were no empty campsites, Steven Reynolds and Ira Geist, of Yuba and Butte Counties, were undeterred. One threw down $30 and demanded a pass; they were again refused. Lawson’s Landing co-owner Will Vogler said it appeared to be a “combination of stubborn and alcohol and perhaps other chemicals.” When an employee opened the gate for another camper, Mr. Reynolds “went ahead and blew through,” Marin Sheriff’s Lieutenant Doug Pittman said. The employee initially stood in the way, waving her arms, but she jumped away when it became clear they would not stop. Mr. Reynolds hit the employee in the shoulder with the right-side headlight of the vehicle. (She later declined medical attention.) The pair then tried to launch their boat into the water. When someone told the men that law enforcement was en route, they attempted to flee but their truck apparently became stuck in mud or sand. Mr. Vogler said this past weekend was a “perfect storm for us,” with a busy Memorial Day weekend coinciding with the lowest tide of the year, bringing flocks of people to the beach to collect exposed clams. There was a line of vehicles a quarter-mile long vying for parking spots, he said, adding that a couple of people parked in town and carried their boat a mile to get to the dock, since entry restrictions apply to vehicles but not to people on foot.