Lagunitas campaign complaint


Woodacre parent and candidate for the Lagunitas School District board of trustees Robert Ovetz filed a formal complaint this week alleging that his challenger, incumbent Richard Sloan, failed to legally declare that he apparently exceeded a $1,000 campaign finance limit. In a document submitted to the California Fair Political Practices Commission, Ovetz claimed that Sloan “appears to have made campaign expenses exceeding the $1,000 limit which requires him to file a Form 496 within 24 hours of doing so.” He estimated that Sloan’s total expenses, used for everything from postage to website design, had reached approximately $1,180. “It’s complete nonsense,” Sloan said. “He words it carefully and says I ‘probably exceed’ $1,000. That’s about as weak a statement as you can make.” Sloan said there was no way that he had exceeded the funding threshold by the time Ovetz filed the complaint. Ironically, he said, Ovetz’s allegations have forced him to step up his campaign to a point that he has likely now exceeded the limit. “The Valley hasn’t had a nasty campaign like this in a long time,” said Sloan, who has served on the board since 1971.