KWMR puts news show to bed


After exactly one year and over 200 local radio news shorts, KWMR’s West Marin Report producer George Clyde has retired from the volunteer post. Mr. Clyde, who lives part-time in Marshall, is a former business lawyer and investigative television documentary journalist. In his final show on Tuesday he thanked his contributors and supporters, and bid a heartfelt goodbye to his listening audience. “For the last year it has been an all-consuming way of life, with the enormous satisfaction that commitment of that sort brings… From a personal perspective, at age 70, it has absolutely been one of the best years of my life,” he said. He explained that the show was “too much for one person to accomplish, even with the many contributions from our team of reporters. I’d hoped during this year to recruit someone else to share all of the fun I’ve had, to join me as a partner, or even to take over the program as the producer with me serving as a reporter. That’s what I really love. But it was not to be.” First aired in 2008, the West Marin Report has weathered several darkened periods, and its funding was cut last year. Mr. Clyde said that despite requests to do so he will not continue the program on a less frequent basis. His passion is for daily news, especially breaking news, he said, adding his next goal is to “become really bored” before looking for “new mischief.” Speaking by phone from a friend’s sailboat on Wednesday, Mr. Clyde recalled one of his favorite programs—a report on the West Marin Stagecoach, for which he spoke with fellow riders along the route. The most exciting beat, he said, was Drake’s Estero, when he knew his stories would be viewed through the community magnifying glass. Favorable comments from both sides in the debate kept him feeling he was on the right track, he said. This week friends celebrated Mr. Clyde at Nick’s Cove with toasts and a certificate of appreciation.