KWMR news resurrected, daily


Following more than a year hiatus, the KWMR news program, the West Marin Report, has returned. “The news is back!” said station director Amanda Eichstaedt. “And we are really excited.” George Clyde, a retired Marshall resident who has served as the station’s news director in the past, has been tasked with its return. “I’m thrilled to be doing it again. I’ve missed it probably more than anybody,” Clyde said. “It’s a lot of hard work, but the rewards are really helping tell the stories of this community.” Unlike in the past, one story, running three to four minutes in length and repeating several times throughout the day, will be aired each weekday. Eichstaedt said the station is able to once again afford the service because they are no longer paying for it. “We’re looking at the news being done like any other radio program that we have now,” she said. “I commend George for taking this on. Good programmers are how this station is able to survive.” Both said the program will rely heavily on community support. “We’ve always had a cadre of volunteer reporters, people who are interested in community journalism, and who are also interested in learning about the radio news process,” Clyde said. Those interested in becoming involved should contact the news line at (415) 663.8068 ext. 107.