Kent Island draft declaration


A draft Negative Declaration of Environmental Impact and draft Finding of No Significant Impact for the Kent Island Restoration Project on Bolinas Lagoon was announced this week by the United States Army Corps of Engineers and Marin County Open Space District. The project seeks to reestablish “native dune communities and natural ecological processes” by removing invasive vegetation, including ice plant, bush lupine and European beach grass, and replanting native species on the 29-acre island, a flood-shoal between the town of Bolinas and the Seadrift Spit. Saltwater will be used to flush non-native species, weeds will be pulled and some trees cut down, including all the saplings in the Monterey pine and cypress grove on the island. The draft declaration—written under the guidelines of the California Environmental Quality Act—finds that the project could result in potentially significant impacts related to biological resources and noise, and recommends mitigation measures to reduce or avoid those impacts. However, the draft Finding of No Significant Impact, under the guidelines of the National Environmental Policy Act, found no significant impact to the “physical, biological and human environment.” Anyone interested in commenting on these drafts can submit written comments through September 17 to James Raives at 3501 Civic Center Drive, Room 260, San Rafael, Calif. 94903. Questions can be addressed to him at (415) 473.3745.