Isis Hockenos, Gallery Route One fellow


In the corner annex of Gallery Route One, a revolving body of spectators crammed in to admire the opening of Isis Hockenos’s latest showcase, “She Said She Said,” on Dec. 18. The title refers to the collection’s dissection through a feminine lens of repetition in everyday work, and the exhibit kicks off a year-long project for Ms. Hockenos, a Marshall native and San Francisco resident who is this year’s emerging fellow at Gallery Route One. Currently in its third round, the fellowship program selects two artists between the ages of 21 and 35 to join the gallery’s artist members for one year. Ms. Hockenos has the same privileges as the gallery’s artist members, such as a solo exhibition and participation in the gallery’s collaborative process. Ms. Hockenos said she wants to position herself as an “ambassador of young people” and will spend the year building the relationship between West Marin’s older and younger generations of artists. “I think that we really need to start planning for the future,” she said, adding, “The arts community [in West Marin] is tucked away; we need to make it more apparent and look into ways people can give money while preserving what we have. Whoever else who wants to raise a family here has to put the work in now.” At the exhibit’s opening, two elder onlookers paused in front of the large and enchanting “Bury the Body I.” Their comments ranged from appreciation for the use of vibrant pastels (blood red, bucolic green) to the shift in the painter’s style. Ms. Hockenos’s prior work, much of it portraits, featured a stark use of dark colors and abstraction. But she said she “wanted to reinsert myself. I wanted to use the shapes of figures to create a landscape.” Of the dozen or so paintings on display, none capture the artist’s playfulness with landscape painting quite like the painting “Double Confession I (bay),” which depicts two lovers entwined with each other on a cliff above what appears to be Drakes Bay. Their bodies lie in the earth against a wavy backdrop of light and bursting colors. “She Said She Said” shows through Jan. 22 at Galley Route One, in Point Reyes Station.