Inverness utility district closes general manager gap


On Wednesday afternoon, the board of directors of the Inverness Public Utility District voted unanimously to hire Shelley Redding—who has been part of the transition team covering the responsibilities of the vacant general-manager position since last November—to a nearly full-time administrator position. The board does not have current plans to hire a general manager, and instead decided to prioritize administrative management, which is typically one facet of that position. Two retired general managers and ongoing employees—Wade Holland and Kaaren Gann, Ms. Redding’s mother—increased their responsibilities over the past six months while the district looked for a new general manager. They will now drop back to their normal hours, while Ms. Redding will shoulder more responsibilities, jumping up from 12 hours per week to 32 hours. Mr. Holland said he thinks these time allotments will be enough for the district, especially given the fact that Jim Fox, the district’s longtime chief of operations, has not retired yet, though he intends to do so. “Jim is past the age where he could’ve retired, and when he does, that will change things,” Mr. Holland said. Ms. Redding grew up in Inverness, though she now lives in Sebastopol, where she is the president of the board of the small community water company, Wendell Lane Mutual Water.