Inverness group polls locals


The Inverness Association has begun a fundraising and membership drive in advance of an annual meeting on July 13. As part of its campaign, the eight-decade-old advocacy group, which has shrunk to 240 members from a peak of 600, is polling residents, visitors and business owners to find out how much they know about the organization’s current functions and goals—and what they believe those should be in the future. Among other questions the survey asks is what the top three purposes of the association are, offering diverse choices like “to advocate for land protection,” “to put on the Inverness Fair every August,” “to maintain balanced architectural standards” and “to continue doing what previous boards have done.” President Nick Whitney said the group recently spent $136,000 on deferred maintenance and a disability upgrade on the Gables, a century-old building that houses the library and the Jack Mason Museum of West Marin History. Mr. Whitney added that the association is increasingly struggling to meet its annual fundraising goal. “There are more and more organizations that are vying for the charitable dollar.” The survey, which can be accessed at, closes Wednesday.