Inverness chipping and fire checks


The season has come for fire extinguisher inspections and brush chipping in Inverness. Next Saturday, August 11, in conjunction with the Inverness Fair, the Inverness Fire Department will conduct inspections for residents, at variable costs. Fire extinguishers should be dropped off at the firehouse on Friday, August 10, labeled with owners’ names and telephone numbers. Costs will be determined according to what extinguishers require in order to be brought up to snuff. The fire department’s annual Chipper Days, whereby Inverness homeowners and renters can pay $40 to have local tree companies chip up to 10 cubic yards of brush and disperse it on-site, takes place during the month of September. The deadline to apply is August 24, and applications are available at the firehouse. Call Scott McMorrow at the firehouse at (415) 669.7151 with questions.