Inverness batter pleads not guilty


A freelance photographer has pleaded not guilty to charges that she attempted to kill a housemate at her Inverness Park home. Marin Sheriff’s Office officials said 26-year-old Kelsey Winterkorn beat Sasan Dresden with a bat as he slept on the morning of March 11 and then repeatedly crashed her van into Mr. Dresden’s vehicle on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard while he sought medical attention. Ms. Winterkorn was a conspicuous, if short-term, local presence because of that vehicle, a distinctively decorated orange Dodge Ram 1500 called the “Biohazard Battlecruiser,” and authorities located and arrested her in Guerneville the next day. Inside two buildings on the Redwood Avenue property, officials found about 700 marijuana plants growing. Law enforcement officials have said that Ms. Winterkorn sent texts after the incident conveying regret that she had not been successful in killing Mr. Dresden, and that her motive may have been that a profit-sharing arrangement in a drug business with her housemates fell apart. Prosecutors have not filed drug charges against the residents. In a recent court appearance the accused suspect, held on $500,000 bail, smiled casually as she consulted with her public defender, who has refused interviews on the case. Ms. Winterkorn’s loose-fitting, government-issued uniform of blue and pink pastels clashed with a shock of blonde mohawk perched atop buzz-cut hair.