The inspiring Red Lions Dub



When I first heard Burton Eubank’s disc, Red Lions Dub, I was inspired. Inspired to call him up and let him know that his music was having a powerful effect on our family. We were dancing in our socks on the kitchen floor, grooving to his beat. 

Burton (on bass) and Jeremy Gray (on drums, percussion, silver flute and keys) created a disc that can be very meditative. “This was certainly a collaboration of the two of us,” Burton says, “bass and drums being the foundation of Reggae music.” 

Play the music on low and you find yourself in a dreamy atmosphere. Crank the dial up a notch, and the songs become the focus. “You’re in the music,” he says. And you are. He explains that he “tried to create multiple modalities.” He succeeded.

On one of the songs, Tropical Meditation Dub, you’ll hear nature sounds that Jeremy Gray recorded while in Costa Rica. On Mr. Bassie Dub, the sax moves from one side to the other. According to Burton, the track called Miwok Dub “honors the people who came before.”

This is world music, yes. But this is also California music. West Marin music. Inverness music. The disc is a deeply personal album. Burton’s wife, the talented artist Jennie Eubank, drew the beautiful multi-color cover art. 

Burton has been playing since the 1980s. He searched out musicians to play with whom he deeply respects, who have low ego. Who came with a positive vibe. You can feel that emotion in the music. You can practically taste it.

What inspires me?

Someone like Burton, who strives to create beauty. Who puts pleasure into the universe. This disc is a slice of happiness. Turn up the volume. Prepare to be inspired.

In the two weeks since the CD was released, Burton has sold discs to Japan, Mexico and Canada. You can buy the CD for $15, either directly from him or through his website, (The follow-up CD is already in his mind and heart—so stay tuned. Pun intended.)