Indicted man found dead off cliff


A man accused of fraud by federal prosecutors was found dead after his car slid off State Route 1 between Stinson Beach and Mill Valley and fell 350 feet down a cliff. After a call Tuesday afternoon identified a vehicle a quarter-mile west of Panoramic Highway, four agencies responded to the scene, along with a C.H.P. helicopter. Rescuers rappelled down the hillside and also lowered tools for clearing the thick vegetation. The sheriff’s office determined the person was Bijan Madjlessi, 58, of Mill Valley, who had been reported missing on May 4. Last month Mr. Madjlessi was indicted by a federal grand jury for conspiracy, bank and wire fraud, money laundering and attempted obstruction of justice after a three-year investigation into his alleged default and repurchase of a $30 million dollar loan. The National Park Service, county coroner and C.H.P. are still investigating his death.