Horvat packs characters into one


About seven years ago, right before he moved to West Marin, Stephen Horvat wrote and acted in a production he titled “The Caligula Comedy Hour.” “It was based on the idea that Caligula had been reincarnated and decided to have his own talk show but he doesn’t have any power anymore,” Mr. Horvat said. That was the last time he starred in a show he had written himself. He will end that hiatus on Friday, April 4, when he puts on his (kind of) one-man show, “It Stinks Over Here Bad!” in the Dance Palace Church Space. There is no linear story. There might be a theme, but Mr. Horvat doesn’t like to share that information in advance, waiting instead to see if the audience might pick up on it. (“They usually don’t,” he added). The performance will showcase characters he has created over the years based on people he has met, like his former acting professor who was struck by lightning more than once, and an older New Yorker who “has a lot of emotions” and likes to read excerpts from the 1985 self-help guide “Women Who Love Too Much.” “I’ve always been a mimic wherever I go. I gather these characters and then I move and they stay but nobody knows what the joke is anymore,” he said. The characters will interact with the audience, and during on-stage costume changes Mr. Horvat will talk about where they came from. There will also be smaller sketches with a few friends, interludes with friend and collaborator Danny Vitali and a performance by the Haggards, a local comedic country music band the two perform in. The show starts at 7:30 p.m., and it is not recommended for children. Proceeds from the $10 cover charge will go directly to the artist. The performance is part of an ongoing series of local music events at the Dance Palace.