High price for Bolinas hookup


A Bolinas water meter, the key to building a new home in a town that implemented a moratorium on new meters in 1971, is now on the market for $400,000. But time will tell if its scarcity—just one of 580 connections—will draw a high bid. The listing price is almost twice the final selling price of the last meter, which sold in 2010 for $220,000, and that meter failed to garner bids above an original threshold of $300,000. But realtor Flower Fraser believes the market is stronger today. “Now it’s even more rare, and it’s several years later with a different type of market,” she said. The meter, which is connected to 22 Brighton Avenue, once served a laundromat where the book exchange is now located in the complex that houses the post office and liquor store. Owner Greg Welsh removed all the plumbing associated with the laundromat long ago and the meter has not been in use for decades, but he has continued to pay service charges on the connection. It can be transferred anywhere in the water district and used for either residential or commercial purposes.