Heavy enforcement plans for Stinson Beach


Independence Day celebrations in Stinson Beach will be carefully monitored by a coalition of government organizations to ensure all visitors “enjoy a safe and healthy celebration,” a Tuesday press release warned potential lawbreakers. The Marin County Sheriff’s Office and the California Highway Patrol said they would exercise “zero tolerance” over the holiday weekend. The coalition has issued similar notices in the past whenever Fourth of July celebrations coincided with the weekend, said Liza Crosse, an aide to Supervisor Steve Kinsey. The press release reminded Stinson Beach revelers that no fires, glass or amplified music are permitted on public beaches; no fireworks are allowed countywide; illegally parked cars blocking driveways, fire hydrants or business will be towed; drunk or disorderly conduct, underage drinking and illegal drug use could result in citations or an arrest; and tickets will be issued for speeding and reckless driving. Bolinas was purposefully excluded from the notice because residents wouldn’t appreciate “such an enforcement heavy message,” Ms. Crosse said, but she noted that deputies would still be present because the scene might be wild. An online ad for a party at Bolinas Beach and an evening low tide may lead to even heavier partying. “Some years ago when this happened there were fights and a stabbing,” she said. Law enforcement will have additional officers at all of West Marin’s hotspots: Stinson Beach, Bolinas, Point Reyes Station and Dillon Beach. “Don’t get me wrong,” Lt. Doug Pittman, the Point Reyes substation commander, said. “I love a great holiday weekend just like the next person, but the beauty of our coast lands, parks and communities draws people from all over like moths to a flame. If the weather is warm we can expect heavy traffic on our small two-lane roadways and sometimes, believe it or not, people get a little thirsty which I’ve heard leads some to have a few too many adult beverages,” he continued. “For some reason big holiday weekends like this tend to lead to poor choices and we (cop types) get called to help mediate the problem.”