Grandi restoration may start


The long-awaited restoration of Point Reyes Station’s historic Grandi building may begin as soon as this November, property owner Ken Wilson said. After renovations, the 97-year-old brick structure is slated to house a 34-room hotel, a 60-seat restaurant, and two units of affordable or employee housing, according to property manager Marshall Livingston. Built by Italian-Swiss immigrant Salvatore Grandi in 1915, the imposing brick structure once featured a grand hotel, ballroom and general store. The hotel shuttered in the 1950s, but the general store remained open until the building was finally closed in 1978. It has stood vacant ever since. Mr. Wilson is renewing the existing permits from 2008 and “exploring the opportunity as it seems to be opening up,” noting a rebound in the hotel industry. “I’m most interested in beginning construction on the exterior of the building, to make sure it is preserved and secure,” Mr. Livingston said. There are four permits to be renewed — the use, design review, coastal, and building permits. A permit to renovate the interior has not yet been applied for. Mr. Livingston said he will not be the project manager for the restoration.