Grandi mural repainted after upset over location


The street-side wall of the Grandi Building in Point Reyes Station became the epicenter of a community art snafu last week after a painter involved in a town-wide exhibit covered over an older mural of waves—to the horror of the building’s manager. Wyatt Hersey, a 29-year-old Chico resident, began working on his piece last Tuesday, having coordinated with the show’s curator, Isis Hockenos. Her show, “Atlas of Decivilization,” is part of the Geography of Hope conference taking place next weekend, and the bygone wave painting, by local artist Nancy Stein, had been part of another exhibit related to the conference five years ago. Ms. Hockenos, an Oakland resident who grew up in West Marin, had received permission from Ms. Stein to paint over the waves, yet the exact location of Mr. Hersey’s mural had not been confirmed with Marshall Livingston, who manages the building. Mr. Hersey was about 10 hours into the painting—a playful menagerie of sundry animals and people—when Mr. Livingston drove by. “I was really upset and I let everybody know,” Mr. Livingston said remorsefully. “That was not my intention, and I apologized to Wyatt.” Mr. Livingston asked the artist to buff over his mural with black paint. On Wednesday, Mr. Hersey finished painting a new, smaller mural on a nearby section of the Grandi. Now Ms. Hockenos and Ms. Stein, who described the debacle as a miscommunication among friends that healed within a day, will paint a new wave on the contested location that Ms. Hockenos said would emphasize “the ephemeral nature of waves.”