Grandi building loses permits


The county has revoked permits for the renovation of the historic Grandi Building following a discovery that one of its departments had issued a renewal in error—that is, without valid accompanying planning

Tom Lai of the Community Development Agency said a letter from a citizen concerned with parking around the building prompted an investigation by the agency this week.

The coastal, use and design review permits granted to owner Ken Wilson in 2005 expired in 2011 and cannot be renewed, Mr. Lai said. Those permits allowed for the restoration of Point Reyes Station’s most prominent building to its historic configuration, removing two additions and re-opening a sidewalk arcade. A 20-room hotel, community meeting space, three affordable housing units for employees and over 1,300 square feet of retail space were approved. Preliminary approval was also given for a restaurant.

Mr. Lai said the owner, or local resident Marshall Livingston, who manages property for Mr. Wilson, must again undergo a review process that will be subject to recent changes in regulations. These include a new Countywide Plan and various code amendments. The owner would also be responsible for conducting a traffic survey.