Geoff Hoyle’s Geezer


After exiting the stage in some productions of his one-man show, Geezer, Geoff Hoyle stations himself in the lobby. People shake his hand and thank him for bringing humor to aging, and when he listens to their confessions, he starts to feel like a parish priest. “I feel like I should bless them when they leave,” he said. The 69-year-old actor and part-time Inverness resident played the first Zazu in the Lion King on Broadway and the clown in the Pickle Family Circus in San Francisco in the 1970s. He begins Geezer, which he will perform after a gala dinner at the Dance Palace Community Center next Saturday, by miming himself playing “Disease: The Video Game,” a game no one ever wins. Mr. Hoyle then looks back on his childhood in England and reckons with the choices he made as he grew up; he also imagines himself into the future, as an 88-year-old man living in an “old people’s commune.” Throughout the show he meditates on what it means to approach death. The show brims with comedy, but Mr. Hoyle said the tone can turn on a dime. “I want to be compassionate and understand where we’re all headed. [The show] makes you very aware of the difficulties and the joys of aging. There’s a certain wisdom if you can outlive the diseases, the perils: you attain a different state… You become very much more aware of the natural world, and the striving and ambition somewhat fall away,” he said. On Sept. 13, a dinner catered by Indian Peach will begin at 6 p.m. at the community center; Geezer will start at 8 p.m. Tickets are $100, or $40 for the show only; proceeds will benefit the Dance Palace.