Gardening service, bakery owners receive awards


The owners of the Bovine Bakery and the Inverness Gardening Service are being honored at the Dance Palace Community Awards Banquet on Saturday. Landscaper Ismael Gutierrez and baker Bridget Devlin were chosen for their leadership, mentorship and generosity. Bonnie Guttman, the director of the Dance Palace, said the community center wanted to celebrate people who promote volunteerism through their businesses over many years. “People give in different ways, and this was looking at it in a different lens,” she said. “It’s putting out the seed in people’s minds to go, ‘Oh, I can do it this way.’” Ms. Devlin has donated thousands of baked goods from Stinson Beach to Tomales, whether it’s pastries for a breakfast meeting or brownies for a fundraiser with 500 guests. Since opening in 1990, she has given many high school students their first job, mentoring them in customer service and responsibility. Her bakery is a much-loved community gathering spot, where neighbors connect every morning. Mr. Gutierrez moved to West Marin 30 years ago at age 17 to fulfill his dream of starting a landscaping business. As the Inverness Gardening Service grew, so did his role as a community leader and mentor. Not only does he retain a strong local workforce, but he helps his employees develop their own businesses, too. He volunteers his time and services to many organizations, including Sacred Heart Church, the Coastal Health Alliance, the Rotary Peace Garden, the Stinson Beach park and local schools. Ms. Devlin and Mr. Gutierrez will be honored on March 6 at 6:30 p.m. along with an auction of local goods and services. To register for the free event, visit