Four fishermen dead in surf


The body of the fourth victim of last week’s boating accident off Point Reyes was found on Friday. Jack Taylor, 62, drowned along with three friends when his 24-foot boat capsized last Wednesday. The men, who had traveled from Riverbank and Imboden, were experienced boaters and had been fishing off Point Reyes for two decades. The Coast Guard pulled the bodies of Henry Medrano, 62, and Melvin Cox, 67, from the water shortly after the accident. The body of Ronald Fuentes, 65, washed ashore on Thursday afternoon. Officials believe the men had been fishing for halibut near the shore. “They turned the boat perpendicular to the waves and that’s when a wave hit them and capsized the vessel,” said John Dell’Osso of Point Reyes National Seashore. “It started to break the vessel apart pretty shortly thereafter.”