Family escapes dangerous heater


A family of four is recovering from near-deadly carbon monoxide poisoning after a heater malfunctioned in their Point Reyes Station home and began spewing the noxious, odorless gas into the air. The family had been experiencing what they believed were flu symptoms, but the parents called 9-11 on Monday morning when their children showed signs of extreme lethargy. Fire crews and paramedics arrived shortly thereafter and transported the family to Marin General Hospital for treatment. Fire Captain specialist Mike Giannini said that such poisoning accidents are not uncommon, especially during winter months when heaters are in use on a daily basis. All homes are now required by California law to be equipped with a carbon monoxide detector, but Giannini noted that many still do not have them. “The takeaway is that this can happen to anyone,” he said. “It’s tasteless, odorless and very deadly.”