Extra patrol at White House Pool after report of menacing man


Sheriff’s deputies are increasing their patrol around White House Pool since a local reported that a “menacing” man had watched and approached her while she swam in the creek last week. The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, described the first incident, on Tuesday, Sept. 12, in a post on the West Marin Commons forum. She reported being followed and “watched intensely” for 30 minutes and then approached and spoken to by the man as she exited the water. In an email to the Light, she explained what happened the second time, five days later: “Unfortunately, the same man was hiding in the bushes and approached me and spoke to me as I swam about 10 minutes east of the main bank entrance to the creek this morning. This time he began unbuckling his belt.” She said her children were swimming near the bank and that a meditation group was on the shore at the time of the second incident. She said she began shouting for help as she swam to shore. “It was an absolutely terrifying experience to be again accosted by this man when I was alone up the creek,” she said, describing the man as well-dressed and likely in his 40s. On both occasions he wore a white billed cap, and on Tuesday a white T-shirt, dark pants, a jacket and aviator sunglasses. She said he has a deep voice. Sergeant Brennan Collins with the Marin County Sheriff’s Office said that, on both occasions, the man “was gone upon our arrival [and] we were unable to determine if there was a crime.” He added, “We have been advised for extra patrol, however, and so deputies will be driving by the area more often than usual, getting out to take a look around and making contact with people at the pool to ask questions.” Anyone who has information about the incident or wishes to report a sighting can call (415) 499.7265.