Evans expands local meat services


Point Reyes rancher Dave Evans is expanding his butchering operations into the largest wholesale butcher shop in San Francisco next week. Since 2007, Mr. Evans’s Marin Sun Farms, which sells his own and other producers’ meats, was slicing up chickens, cows, pigs, goats and lambs in a small building in the city where it leased 2,000 square feet; the operation will now occupy 18,000. “My company’s mission is to build a more sustainable food model here in California,” Mr. Evans, a fourth generation rancher, told the Light. With the new sprawling facility, Mr. Evans believes he will be able to butcher, package, label, distribute and help get products to farmers markets and C.S.A.’s. “I had a lot of trouble getting started in the business because there was no one to give me market access,” he said. Offering those services, he went on, increases the amount of meat that people obtain from the local foodshed as opposed to faraway packing plants. The meat butchered at the facility will serve Marin Sun Farms’ own Point Reyes Station shop, Inverness’s Saltwater and Olema’s Sir and Star, as well as other Bay Area restaurants. And while high quality meat is often criticized for its expense, “This facility and this growth… will inevitably bring prices down on proteins,” Mr. Evans said.