Drug charges filed in batting case


A photographer and former Inverness Park resident who allegedly attempted to murder her roommate has also been officially brought up on drug charges. Kelsey Winterkorn, 26, has been in custody since allegedly beating her roommate on the head with a baseball bat and then repeatedly ramming her vehicle, a distinctively decorated van she named the “Biohazard Battlecruiser,” into his car when he attempted to flee with another housemate. After Ms. Winterkorn sped away from the Redwood Avenue property, authorities found over 800 marijuana plants in the house she rented with three roommates. All four have now been charged with cultivating and possessing marijuana and maintaining a place to cultivate the controlled substance. Charges were filed in late May and they were arraigned last week. Ms. Winterkorn is the only one in custody, and she is being held on $575,000 bail. The charges could bring each suspect three years in jail, according to Deputy District Attorney Sean Kensinger, though he added that Ms. Winterkorn is probably more concerned about the attempted murder charge. She has pled not guilty.