Dispensary dodges crackdown


Operators of Fairfax’s Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana moved this week to prevent a federal mandate that it close its doors and remove all trace of the substance by November 21. The order is part of a national crackdown on marijuana growers and licensed dispensaries, which prosecutors believe often mask large-scale illegal activity. Marin Alliance founder Lynette Shaw called the sweeps unprecedented and completely unfounded. “We have never violated any rules or any laws. We’ve been open 15 years with a license. We’ve had no complaints and no problems,” she said. “In fact, it’s harder for kids to get access [to marijuana] now. We’ve actually cleaned up the town.” Shaw’s attorney has sought a temporary restraining order against the injunction, arguing that the business was evicted without due notice. Shaw said she and others are also waiting for the results of a separate preliminary court ruling to stop the Department of Justice’s mandate. The Fairfax Town Council, which liscences Marin Alliance, unanimously adopted a resolution on November 4 in support of the business’ continued operation. Shaw said she found it astounding that “our country has come to this point,” and that it is “time for our society to grow up about this issue.”