Destiny rides again


Whatever comes next in this mondo bizarro political world, you and I are still here. That’s all you need to know.

I’m addicted to reading everything I can on the subject of the “awful unexpected event.” The point about Trump that I have yet to hear anyone raise is that he has no love of nature, no love for his fellow suffering beings. No apparent love for the sensual delights of nature and all love for man-made things instead. Yuck.

But the fixation on Trump is the distraction, and I am getting annoyed with it. Hello, media, look over here. Deep in the heart of the dark blue states, we’re cooking up the second American Civil War.

It’s widespread rebellion and non-cooperation time. The foot soldiers of nonviolent civil disobedience are organizing as we speak. Standing Rock is the spear in the sand. The artists are boycotting; they aren’t for sale anymore. The women are marching. The eco-warriors are coming to the fore. Anonymous is lurking around. Wait till the galactic radical art of the Burning Man set shows up.

Everybody with a soul and a love of the Earth is on one side, while a handful of billionaires, their sycophants and a bunch of brainwashed rednecks are on the other. We have to save the Earth from Trump’s rapists for their sake, too. His voters were susceptible to the medicine show-revival meeting hypnosis by the bad shepherd. We don’t need to deal with the sheep, just replace the shepherd.

It’s game-on, show-up time. We come as healers, not killers. We come to liberate the planet from the dark forces that control it and restore the reign of nature. It’s our destiny.