Crab may be small but plentiful


Tuesday marked the beginning to what is expected to be another sterling commercial crab season---good news for local fishermen still reeling from the year’s limited salmon yields. But first, they and buyers have to agree on a price. Lawson’s Landing co-owner Willy Vogler said on Wednesday that commercial fishermen had yet to accept the $2 per pound price tag that wholesalers have offered for Dungeness crab. “It’s basic economics,” he said. “The buyers want a low price and the fishermen want a high one.” The sport season for Dungeness crab officially opened on November 5. Vogler, a sport crabber, said that compared to last year the crabs were on the small side. But, he added, “there’s definitely crab in the bay.” The Dillon Beach resort and campground has recorded booming visitor turnout this month, with patrons testing their luck in boats and on shore. Vogler suggested that fishermen with skiffs were likely to have the best success because they can reach the deeper holes where currents are best.