County jail bakes its own bread


The Marin County Jail will start baking its own whole-wheat bread to reduce costs by about $41,000 annually once Marin recoups the cost of the baking infrastructure—a mixer, a slicer, a water meter and a large oven that can bake 45 loaves at a time—the county announced this week. The new bakery will also improve the nutritional intake of inmates, who consume about 38,000 loaves of bread a year. The purchased loaves came at a cost of $1.45 a loaf, but loaves baked in-house cost just $0.35, or $13,300 annually. The bakery, which cost $128,700 to build, might also be used for other baked goods, like pizza dough and artisan breads. The jail is also looking into whether to initiate a training program for the inmates to work in the bakery.