Children and families at heart of new radio show

David Briggs
Inverness Park resident Kimberly Hett is the host of a new child-centered radio show on KWMR.  

The newest radio show on KWMR is delighting children and parents alike. “Song and Storytime with Kimmy Nicole” is a wholesome and fun-loving program, offering listeners a glimpse into the conversations between children and their parents and celebrating the curiosity and creativity of the young mind. The host is Kimberly Hett, a lifelong childcare provider who centers her show around contributions from families dealing with a weekly theme like mountains, cars or pets. The show is eclectic: Ms. Hett deejays, explaining what each song is about before it plays. She blends in fun facts, life lessons and pun-filled jokes. She sings her own songs and interviews guests, and people read poems in different languages. Parents record themselves in conversation with their children, asking them about their daily life and their favorite things. Ira Glass, the National Public Radio personality who is dating one of Ms. Hett’s friends, even made two appearances with his partner and her son. The slices of home life, complete with background noises and interruptions, are funny and sweet. “People say they laugh and they cry,” Ms. Hett said. “I think that’s wonderful—I want it to be all of those things.” She launched the show after feeling disconnected from the families she saw before the pandemic: relating to kids is the core of who she is, she said. When program director Jeff Manson heard she was interested in doing a show with kids, he knew right away that it would be good because of her reputation. Ms. Hett avoids two pitfalls that often afflict children’s programs: Condescension, and the idea that children want fast-paced zaniness. The show manages to honor the intelligence of children and create a space for contemplation that is enjoyable for all ages. “It’s a real gift to our schedule,” Mr. Manson said. Luke Regalbuto has been participating with his 5-year-old son, Lanzo. During the episode about cars, Mr. Regalbuto tells a story about a worm crashing on a motorcycle and ending up in Tomales Bay, while Lanzo ad libs his own elements to the story. They already have story time on a daily basis, so recording it for the show was a natural transition; Lanzo enjoys hearing himself on the radio too. “We all gather around the radio, kids and adults, everybody is fully entertained,” Mr. Regalbuto said. The show broadcasts every Tuesday at 4 p.m. on If you or your child would like to contribute stories, songs, jokes or dreams, or learn about upcoming themes, email Kimmy Nicole at