Charges dropped for Valley man


Final misdemeanor charges against Woodacre resident Dr. Robert Ovetz, a political science professor arrested while observing the Occupy Oakland protest in January, have been dropped. His attorney, Matt Siroka, said that during his arrest the professor was beaten by police. Initially charged with felony assault on an officer, misdemeanor battery on an officer and failing to leave the scene of a riot, the professor spent four days in jail before seeing a judge. The Alameda County District Attorney only filed a single misdemeanor count of resisting arrest. On June 22, that final charge was dropped. Mr. Siroka said that Mr. Ovetz was cornered along with other members of the crowd as he followed the march. His bicycle was then grabbed from him and thrown in the street, and Dr. Overtz was thrown to the ground. Mr. Siroka said a video taken at the scene showed an officer striking his client with a baton while he lay on the ground. “At no time did Mr. Ovetz commit a crime or resist arrest,” Mr. Siroka said.