Celebrating 50 years of Point Reyes National Seashore


Fifty years ago today in the Oval Office, President John F. Kennedy signed legislation authorizing Point Reyes National Seashore, “to save and preserve, for purposes of public recreation, benefit, and inspiration, a portion of the diminishing seashore of the United States that remains undeveloped.” It was the culmination of many years of dogged efforts by citizens and lawmakers who shared a vision.

Point Reyes was a rugged peninsula, home to ranchers, dairy families and rich flora and fauna flanked by eclectic communities. In many ways, it has not changed. Its moods and quiet beauty captivate us, and we know how lucky we are to inhabit it.

As residents, neighbors and friends of Point Reyes, we can get caught up in the issues of the day—as well we should. In this edition we pause to celebrate the enduring legacy we have inherited.

Inside are the voices of administrators, collaborators and other lovers of Point Reyes, along with a few updates and some news. We hope to encourage readers to reconnect with this precious landscape.