Celebrate women this Mother’s Day


The soul of woman is time. Time is embodied in her cycles. Her most ancient and enduring role is joining the human family to the harmonies of the universe. She is Spider Woman, the weaver of wisdom, whose psychic eye sees the patterns of our lives anchored in realms beyond mortal existence.

Technology has shoved this woman to the sidelines, if not over the cliff. She has been disempowered by mechanical time and its pronouncement, “Time is Money.” She works two jobs, punches buttons on a microwave to feed her family precooked food and sacrifices her precious need to move according to her body’s rhythms to join an alien culture—seemingly the only culture. People say “24/7.” What does that mean? That means there is no time, no pause, no reflection, no day of rest. That is not woman’s way.

If we are going to reinvigorate our world with feminine values—nurturing, caring, sharing, soothing, languishing in nature’s rhythms and inviting love and tolerance into the harsh realities of daily life—then women need permission to be women.  Women Now is a grand invitation to start this process right here on Mother’s Day with a new interpretation of a holiday that leaves many women feeling lonely and disengaged.

We are creating a daylong event at the Dance Palace Community Center that is open to all women, and only women; we are calling it, among other things, an avant garde celebration of Mother’s Day. It will also be a celebration, ceremony, party, participatory art and music fest, day of co-operation, movement exploration, multi-generational interaction and day of emotion, learning, imagining, sharing, playing, laughing and relaxing into the depths of the feminine way of being. It’s the Great Mother we are invoking, along with Mother Earth and Mother Nature and Mother Sky. The day will have many facets so that women can come and go as their own schedules permit. We have reserved the whole community center on Sunday, May 12, and will have access the night before. We will need a big flock of creative angels to transform our palace, a coterie of helpful enthusiasts to create the flow, pods of strolling musicians, a bevy of food fanciers to orchestrate a cornucopia of snacks, a drove of sensual specialists to engage our physical selves, a cluster of healers to share their love and a brood of art-inspired souls to co-create our altar.

And, finally, at the end of the day, the hall will transform into a welcome party for the men and children who will arrive with our potluck dinner. (These marvelous men will organize that themselves!) Then we will all join the final swarm, joyously taking down the decor and cleaning up. Doesn’t that sound inviting? You are invited, as are friends and family members. We have seeded these ideas but new ones are welcome. We believe Women Now is just the beginning and it can grow organically and fulsomely in its own time and in many ways.

To help us in our process, we are asking for sponsors who can afford to make a donation of $20, $50 or $100 to our account called Women Now. You can mail a check to PO Box 894, Point Reyes Station 94956, hand it to one of us, or tell the teller at our local Wells Fargo you want to make a deposit to Women Now. Our event is free because abundance is woman’s way.

We look forward to the adventure of “Women Now: Taking Our Time: Living Our Wisdom” and a Mother’s Day that opens the heart on a grand scale.