Burglar strikes West Marin Pharmacy


A burglar smashed into the West Marin Pharmacy with a brick and stole around $500 worth of medication after the shop closed last Friday. The Marin County Sheriff’s Office is investigating, but has no suspects. “It’s not going to put me out of business, but it hurts,” owner Zsuzsanna Biran said. She filed an insurance claim for the stolen goods—codeine and Xanax—but the break-in comes at an inopportune time. The pharmacy is losing business without travelers and furloughed most employees due to the shelter order. At the same time, the business is facing several citations for clerical and procedural misconduct from the California State Board of Pharmacy. A hearing is scheduled for Aug. 24, but Ms. Biran said her lawyer is seeking a settlement before then. An online fundraiser to pay the lawyer has raised $3,000. It’s the second time someone has successfully broken in since Ms. Biran bought the business in 2007. On Halloween in 2012, a man broke in twice, after which she installed bars over the back windows. This time, the burglar broke through the front window and used the brick again to get into the pharmacy area. “I’m going to have to bar everything now,” Ms. Biran said.